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Terms Of Service

Here you will find a list of our policies, standards and terms of service. 

Updated February 11, 2023.

Our Clients
Cancellation Policy

Safe Access & Parking

Our clients are required to provide unobstructed access to a safe parking space for our therapists to unload and reload their equipment.  

If our client's are unable to do so, our therapist will:               

  • Seek an available space within 200m of the clients' residence (a secondary parking fee may apply for paid parking). Any delay, as a result, will be deducted from the treatment time up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

  • If the therapist is unable to find a safe parking space within 30 minutes, the client will be required to pay half the booked services fee.        

Clients are solely financially responsible for any delays or alterations to the treatment time that may occur as a result of delays caused by parking limitations and/or restrictions. 


  • Our Clients are responsible for providing safe and easy access to their place of residence. This access should be free of any obstruction, obstacles, and/or hazards (such as but not limited to; snow, ice, toys, plants, branches, etc.) that may cause injury to themself, the massage therapist, pets, etc. 

  • Our Clients are responsible for providing an open work area free of any obstruction, obstacles, and/or hazards that may limit free access and or cause injury to themself, the massage therapist, pets, etc.

  • Due to Health and Safety regulations, and for the safety of our therapists, your pets, family, and yourself: pets and children are not permitted to be in the designated treatment area during the time of your appointment. 

  • Our therapists cannot move any furniture or any personal items. 

  • Our Clients are solely responsible (financial or otherwise) for any damage to their property, self, pets, or household members that may occur as a result of failing to follow the above requirements.

Failure to provide safe access for any reason can result in the immediate cancellation of the treatment and the client will be responsible for any and all service fees related to our cancellation policy. 


We require a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice (prior to the service start time) to cancel, reschedule or alter any booked appointment (excluding start time delays or illness related cancellations)

Failure to provide the required notice will result in full charge of the service that was booked.


Extenuating Circumstance Forgiveness 

Life happens! In the event something comes up, a client may request partial credit towards a future appointment if extenuating circumstances prevent the service from being provided. 

Clients will still be required to pay for the service booked, but a portion will be held as a credit towards their next appointment. 

It is of the sole discretion of My Mobile Massage and their Therapists in determining what constitutes an “Extenuating Circumstance”. My Mobile Massage may provide a partial credit towards the booked service. Any abuse of this policy will not be tolerated, and could result in a permanent ban from any future services!

Illness Cancellations 

All clients will be required to read and sign a pre-screening waiver before every appointment.  This waiver will be sent twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled appointment via email.

If they or any member of their household do not “pass” the prescreening questionnaire, they will be required to immediately contact My Mobile Massage to determine if it is safe for their treatment to proceed. 

Possible reasons for cancellation include if the client or a member of their household:

  • Is showing symptoms of illness [cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, hoarse voice, loss of smell or taste, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue/malaise, chills, headache, fever].

If their therapist determines that it is not safe for their treatment to proceed, they will cancel the appointment (at no charge to the client) and will reschedule them at a time when it is deemed safe to do so.


NOTE: If a client cancels due to illness, they will need wait 14 days (after their or the household members symptoms have resolved) before they will be allowed to book any further appointments with My Mobile Massage.

Start Times

Mobile Massage Therapy is a mobile service and as a result, conditions can arise that alter the start time of our client's treatment. 

“Start time(s)” are an estimate. On occasion, your therapist can be delayed due to traffic, weather, road conditions, illness, or emergency. If this occurs, the therapist will notify the client of any delay 10 minutes past the scheduled treatment time (up to a maximum of 20 minutes past the scheduled start time).

At that time, clients will be given the option to reschedule their treatment at no extra cost to them. 


Treatments may be delayed or canceled by the therapist at any time (at no extra cost to the client) as a result of, but not limited to; traffic, weather, road conditions, illness, or emergency.

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