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Terms Of Service

Here you will find a list of our policies, standards and terms of service. 

Updated February 11, 2023.

Our Therapists


All of our Massage Therapists are fully trained, certified, licensed, and registered to work in Manitoba. They have gone through a rigorous screening process including a clear criminal record check, and vulnerable persons check with the RCMP, Winnipeg Police Department and their city/province/state/country of origin.  In addition, all of our Massage Therapists have been working for a minimum of 3 years within Manitoba. 


Our Therapists are fully trained to provide necessary physical assessments relating to massage therapy as well as the current physical needs of our clients.


It is the express mission of our therapists to make our clients feel safe and comfortable during their massage. Our therapists are highly experienced in making accommodations to make our clients as comfortable as possible. 

Cleaning and Sanitization 

To minimize the potential risk of exposure and transmission of any communicable illness to our clients. Our therapists will be:


  • Sanitizing all bags and equipment with a Health Canada approved disinfectant

  • Wearing KN95 masks before entering your home  

  • Sanitizing their hands prior to entering your home 

  • Using their own soap and towels to wash and dry their hands 

  • Have separate bags for used linens 

  • Washing all linens with bleach, high heat, and detergent


If you have any questions or concerns regarding communicable illnesses and your massage, send us a message. We are here to alleviate your concerns and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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